21 Sept 2011

Tori Amos ABC

Aikaa Torin Night of Hunters -kiertueen aloittavaan Suomen keikkaan on tasan viikko. Se viikko kuluu musiikillisesti täällä Torin laajan tuotannon parissa. Tein aakkossoittolistan lempibiiseistäni, koska soittolistan tekeminen vain sillä perusteella, että siinä olisi lempibiisejäni olisi melkein mahdotonta. Se tulisi sisältämään varmasti sata. Tämänkin listan tekeminen oli työn ja tuskan takana, vaikeita valintoja. Kirjaimista vaikeimpia olivat etenkin B, C, I ja S. Coverit ja Night of Hunters -levyn biisit on jätetty tämän listan ulkopuolelle. Onneksi aivan kaikille aakkosille ei Torilta löydy biisejä ja suomen kielessä on enemmän aakkosia kuin englannissa, joten saatoin sisällyttää listaan samalla aakkosella alkavia biisejä hieman enemmän. Alla on myös lempikohta jokaisesta listalle päätyneestä biisistä. Heitän samalla haasteen kaikille Tori-faneille:  

Millainen olisi sinun Tori Amos -aakkossoittolistasi?

Apollo's Frock
I'm losing you in my rear view

Black Dove ( January)
She was a January girl / She never let on how insane it was 
In that tiny kinda scary house by the woods, by the woods

And is your place in heaven / Worth giving up these kisses / These, yes, these kisses

Devils and Gods
Devils and Gods / Safe and inside

Maybe I'm a witch lost in time / Running through the fields of Scotland by your side

What does it feel like / This orbital ball on the fringes of The Milky Way?
Gold Dust
And the day that she came / I'm freezing that frame

And I think I could leave your world / If she was the better girl / So when we died 
I tried to bribe the undertaker / 'Cause I'm not sure what you're doin' or the reasons

I Can't See New York
From here no lines are drawn / From here no lands are owned

From here you're haunting me

 K (Mountain)
She'll be down when the mountain lets her go her way / She'll be down when the mountain lets her go

Liquid Diamonds
And if your friends don't come back to you / And you know this 
is madness / A lilac mess in your prom dress / And you say

And they said Marianne killed herself / And I said not a chance, not a chance

Northern Lad
And if you could see me now/ Said if you could see me now / Girls you've got to 
know when it's time to turn the page / When you're only wet because of the rain

Some fathers will control from the grave / Ophelia you must remember

 Precious Things
With their nine inch nails and little fascist panties tucked inside the heart of every nice girl

Q (Sugar live version)
I've been gone for miles now

 Ruby Through The Looking Glass
Feel a little hand turning, turning / Ruby

Know know too well / Know the chill / Know she breaks / My siren

Take Me With You
Today even the rain / Even the rain / Even the rain / Can cut me up

Upside Down
Still coming out of your mothers upside down

Oh Virginia, You can't remember / Your name

Skating around the truth who I am / But I know dad the ice is getting thin
When you gonna make up your mind / When you gonna love you as much as I do
When you gonna make up your mind / Cause things are gonna change so fast

X (The Waitress live version)
But I believe in peace, I said / But I believe that she's a devil bitch

Yes, Anastasia
Thought she deserved no less than she'd give / Well happy birthday her blood's on my hands
It's kind of a shame cause I did like that dress / It's funny the things that you find in the rain
The things that you find, yes

Zero Point
I'll be holding her hand till it's warm / Holding her head above water

Å (1000 Oceans)
Well, I can't believe that I would keep, keep you from flying
And I would cry a 1000 more if that's what it takes to sail you home

Ä (A Sorta Fairytale)
In the rear view / You lost me, I said

Ö (Silent All These Years) 
Sometimes I hear my voice  / And it's been here silent all these years 

 (pictures: yessaid.com,  all from Scarlet's Walk -era)

It's exactly a week until Tori starts her Night of Hunters -tour  from Finland. Thought I'd do an alphabetical Tori Amos - playlist because well.. a playlist without some restrictions would be impossible to make if I'd want it to include my favorites. It would have like a hundred songs. It was hard enough to make this, to choose just one song for each alphabet. Especially B, C, I and S were very hard. Covers and songs from the new "Night of Hunters" have been left outside of this playlist. But luckily I had a little loophole since Tori hasn't made songs beginning in certain alphabets, and in Finnish we have a few more compared to English, so in their place are additional songs so to speak. I also included my favorite parts/lines from each song. Click on the "Tori Amos ABC" to listen in Spotify. And here's a challenge for all Tori fans: 

What would your Tori Amos ABC look like?


  1. Jos nyt kaitenkin ihan tale eikä mikään keijuhäntä...

  2. Gold Dust, Winter ja A Sorta Fairytail löytyisi munkin listalta, ja Gold Dustista tuo sama kohtakin :) Pitääpä pohtia eteenpäin mitä muuta.

  3. kuitenkin... :D Kauhee typomomentti meneillään

  4. Yellow Lizard: Ootan innolla sun pohdintoja. Musta tuntuu että mä typoilen enemmän kuin kirjotan oikein :D


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